Ideas that can help transform the look of a small room

by Neha Garg on May 16, 2022

Ideas that can help transform the look of a small room - Home Glamour

Designing a small space or a small room although seems like a challenging task can actually be a lot of fun. There may be many questions and confusions that you as a buyer may have when you want to get the best out of the space you have. We will definitely be your best guide in helping you out. The innovative furniture collection at Home Glamour has a perfect solution for you and you will be amazed how spectacular your home will look.  We bring you the best designer furniture online for you here in India.

There are a few basic rules that are best if followed while decorating a small room. Although lighting and the wall paint can play an important role, very often we do not have  control on these factors. Hence the furniture choice becomes critical. Simple changes like replacing one bulky sofa with an arm-less chair or a monotone couch can make a remarkable enhancement to the overall feel of the room. Using a bench instead of chairs can help magnify space in your dining area.  Traditionally bedrooms have always been that area of a house that tends to have a lot of things of various utility. Being smart about the storage cabinets can give you the much needed extra space.

Stylize with Benches

A bench is one of the most versatile furniture pieces. A wooden bench not only carries a chic charm but its uses are manifold. A bench can serve different purposes in a home depending on where and how you place it. The right placement of a bench can do magic in small rooms and space. Benches can be placed against the wall in a living room and with a colorful plush cushion will add a vibrant look to your living room. Nowadays a popular trend in furniture is the use of benches instead of dining chairs in the dining area. The advantage of the bench is that the minimalist design adds a contemporary element to your decor.

We at Home Glamour have a superb collection of benches of various kinds that are available online with convenient home delivery options. We carry a variety of options that range from light neutral finish to dark or even reclaimed wood.

Enliven with Lounge Chairs

People nowadays are opting to live smaller as a convenient choice or a way out. Whatever may be the reason for their decision, one cannot shrug off the importance of the right furniture that can make their home both comfortable and pleasing to the eye. Lounge chairs are the perfect solution for small living rooms instead of sofas as sofas tend to look bulky and can make the room look crowded.  Lounge chairs are excellent as you as a homemaker get a lot of flexibility in terms of placement. A lounge can help you create the perfect illusion of space if you go with the right choice. An arm-less lounge chair or placing one in the corner are a few of the many ideas that you can play with.

You can own a beautiful lounge by going online at the Home Glamour website. We stock a huge collection of lounges and you can go with a multicolored Boho Chic lounge or with a monotone for a more sophisticated look.

Recreate with a Table

Very often we see that a table is usually the largest piece of furniture in many rooms. The table is also the central piece around which the rest of the furniture is planned and placed. The choice of the table can make or spoil your decor. A careful calculation must be made based on many factors while greeting home your dream dining table or center table.  A common consideration is definitely the size of the space. In these cases, it would make aesthetic sense to get a low height coffee table that will not interfere with your focal range making the room look bigger. Alternatively, the use of a glass table instead of a solid wood table can also be a huge plus for the decor.

Today if you as a buyer have umpteen number of options from where you can choose. You can get the best designer tables online with Home Glamour as we bring to you a collection that is by far the best.

 Flash it with Stools

The simple stool has gotten a major face lift in the last few years. More and more people are opting for stools rather than the age-old sitting arrangement. The advantage of the stool is the minimum utility of space and the sleek factor that it brings to any decor.  Unlike the conventional sitting options, a stool can be customized to be of varied height and shape and can be placed in different rooms to fulfill different requirements especially in houses where space can be a challenge.  A stool can act as an extra seat in the living room or as a side table in the bedroom. One of the most popular places where stools are used is the bar area as they can add a refined touch to the room.

Home Glamour gets you the choicest collection of stools online for you to buy from. So, whatever may be the requirement, we have the perfect solution.

Uplift with the Side table

A side table can be a very useful piece of furniture to tackle the problem of space in today’s home. Side tables are usually compact and easily portable making them a multi-faceted piece. A side table can be used in a variety of ways in different places of the room. A side table can be of wood or a combination of wood and metal or even wood and glass. Depending on the choice a side table can have a rustic finish or a contemporary finish. A few drawers or shelves can also be added to a side table that will give you the much needed extra storage.

Whatever be your taste and requirement you can always trust us at Home Glamour to get you the best and unique assembler of side tables. Our premier range of side tables is available online for you to select and buy.

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