Transform a tiny space in style with these useful ideas

by Neha Garg on May 10, 2022

Transform a tiny space in style with these useful ideas - Home Glamour

In today’s urban lifestyle more and more people are choosing to live in small houses. With careful planning and the right furniture, they are able to create a breathtakingly beautiful abode for you and your dear ones. A few smart changes and choices are all you need to make to completely turn around the look of your home. For instance, you can choose to replace your table with a rustic reclaimed wood trunk that will help you with extra storage and at the same time add a royal touch to the decor. A small chest of drawers can also double up as a bedside table for keeping your daily knick-knacks. Other changes can be like placing a tall or a small cabinet in a hallway that will help you store anything from cutlery to extra upholstery. The addition of a bookshelf can give you a place to display your treasured décor items.

 We always strive to bring you the best furniture that are best suited for your taste and requirement. We have a huge array of products of exclusive styles, you can select and buy furniture online in India from Home Glamour with ease.

Buy cabinet online to add flair

A right cabinet is a perfect answer if you wish to transform and organise a small space or room. A cabinet comes with the assurance and with the peace of mind that you as a homemaker can place it in any room and you will not go wrong.  A cabinet can help store a huge variety of things depending on which room you place it.  The versatility of the cabinet will be determined by the overall finish of the cabinet. The most commonly used materials are of course solid wood combined with metal or glass fittings. A traditional cabinet will commonly have a dark finish with intricate carvings while a contemporary one will have more clean lines and a minimalistic look. A cabinet that has both mirrors and drawers can be used as a crockery stand or a bar cabinet. If you are looking for a place to store important files you can go with wooden door cabinets. A cabinet can also give you the much-required storage for your blankets and pillows in the bedroom.

We at Home Glamour brings to you a complete collection of traditional, modern, rustic and contemporary cabinets. Our entire collection of exquisite cabinets is available online for you to browse and buy.

Innovate by buying trunk box online 

This traditional storage unit has got a huge facelift in the last few years and has turned it into something extraordinary furniture that can single-handedly dominate any room decor that you choose to place it. There is no right or wrong in using a trunk box in your home and can be placed anywhere and anyway. Throw a few cushions and it will convert into a sit out on the porch or your living room.  A wooden trunk is also a perfect solution for a children’s bedroom. Apart from being a cosy corner to sit on the trunk box storage, it can be a perfect place to store their toys and books.  In your bedroom a trunk can be used as a place where you can sit and enjoy coffee or it can be used as a coffee table in your living area. The material used can be either solid wood or reclaimed wood that can be combined with ceramic murals or with whittlings. 

Check our collection of trunk boxes, as each one is unique in terms of size, colour and finish.  Whatever be your choice or utility we have the perfect trunk for you.  You can buy these trunk boxes online in India from Home Glamour.

Buy chest of drawers online to add oomph

A chest of drawers is a very popular piece of furniture especially when it comes to decorating and organising small houses and spaces. The reason for the choice is very simple. A chest of drawers can be a perfect fit in any room and it will easily blend in with any decor. A chest of drawers can replace your big bulky cupboards in your bedroom to give you more effective storage. In addition, you can always place a mirror on top as the same chest of drawers will also replace the old traditional dressing table. A chest of drawers can act as a sideboard in the living room and the top space can be used as a place to display your photographs or your flower arrangement.  Alternatively, you can place a painting above it and the same room will bear a more sophisticated look. 

Home Glamour has the privilege to showcase a big display of chest of drawers online. The range includes both traditional as well as contemporary. We also have a variety of finishes that will definitely captivate your imaginations like an exquisite solid wood finish with state-of-the-art carvings or a contemporary one that has lighter hues and is accentuated with a small metal knob.

Glamorise by buying bookshelf online

Indulge in your love for books with the ever so gorgeous bookshelf.  A sleek and beautifully curated bookshelf can elevate your space to something truly magical and your otherwise simple room will get a huge facelift. A bookshelf can be a part of your living room and as well your bedroom. A bookshelf can be a part of furniture like a cabinet or it can also be a standalone piece. You can also choose to play around with the shelves to give it a traditional or chic urban look. Often book shelves are used to place curios like an elegant vase or artefacts or even trophies apart from only displaying books.

We at Home Glamour take pride in getting you one-of-a-kind bookshelves that are handcrafted to perfection to meet your highest standards. You can buy bookshelves online in India from Home Glamour. We stock a collection that will appeal to you whether you like old school furniture or you choose to get something for your modern home.

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