Unique Furniture Styles and How to Mix and Match Them

by Neha Garg on May 16, 2022

Unique Furniture Styles and How to Mix and Match Them - Home Glamour

The furniture of any home is a reflection of people living there. It is very often an extension of their personality and taste. Each home tells a story and Home Glamour gives you a wide range of choices to tell this story with flair. Their exclusive collection of a variety of designer furniture online spoils you for choice. One can choose from a wide range of furniture that includes various types of furniture like traditional, modern, farmhouse to name a few. You have the option of completely decorating your house with one particular style or mix and match different styles using a common style statement like colour or time period. You can also make a bold decor statement wherein you use the shape of furniture to experiment with the decor.

Traditional Furniture Style

In today’s modern home, traditional furniture design continues to have a very special connection with the buyer. This was a popular style till the later Victorian period and they still carry the aristocratic charm of bygone royalty with them. They are 100% handcrafted and their rich and detailed artistic illustration on wood makes each piece or each set almost one of a kind and unique.  Traditional furniture originally had a dark stained finish and this enhances its very regal demeanour. Very often table legs, the armrest or the back of chairs have intricate carvings that are mostly inspired by nature like heads of birds or animals or even leaves and flowers. Another striking feature of the furniture is the beautiful hand painting and motifs that are often seen on them.  The motifs are usually done on ceramics that are beautifully embossed into the furniture.

So, if going grand is your appeal then this is a perfect furniture style for you.  Now you can choose vintage furniture online in India and go with a different style of furniture to give your space a versatile uplift. Whether you choose to buy an individual piece or the entire collection, traditional furniture will definitely transform your home decor into something candidly gorgeous.

Industrial Furniture Style

Industrial style draws its inspiration from features and the material used in factories and industries. Initially, the onset of the style was when one would take an old piece of factory furniture and convert it to something that they can use at home, like a bench or a table. Soon this developed into a full-fledged decor style in the early 21st century and was mostly seen in the urban cities. The idea of this decor is to give the home a very rustic and crude look almost as if to mimic a warehouse kind of set up. The materials that are primarily used are metals, reclaimed wood. The metals for these types of furniture are usually dark like grey or black and often have a slightly rusty or unpolished finish.

This kind of distressed wood furniture largely appeals to the gen-next as it bears a no clutter look. The main highlight of this decor is the minimalist look wherein the use of colour and texture is kept to a minimum.

Modern Furniture Style

Modern furniture is a trend of furniture design that was almost like a movement that started in the early 19th century and was largely influenced by the newfound modernism of that period. This is one of the most popular styles that tends to rule even today. Modern is based on a minimalist and simplistic design that is often characterised by straight lines and non-fussy designs. They have a very smooth finish and often boost warm hues. This gives the whole decor an elegant sophisticated look. The materials used are both solid and metal and very often this style is seen as a combination of both.

Modern furniture has a huge fan following owing to the uncomplicated look and making them extremely versatile. They easily blend in with various types of colours and styles of furniture. Home Glamour gets you modern designed wooden furniture online in India making it easier for you to get it from the comfort of your homes.

Farmhouse Furniture Style

Farmhouse furniture and decor are becoming a fairly new trend that is gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. Like the name suggests, farmhouse furniture is based on the elements, colours and texture that one would commonly see in a farmhouse. Farmhouse furniture is based on the principle of core functionality and on the practicality of the furniture without too much jazz around it.  The materials used are mostly natural and of neutral hues. A lot of this furniture also uses reclaimed wood so as to reflect the rustic feel of a farmhouse. Farmhouse furniture is usually made of solid wood and is usually polished to highlight the natural pattern of the wood. Wicker and rattan are also very commonly used in farmhouse furniture as they give a very barn house type of atmosphere.

The neutral tone of the furniture allows you to mix and match with all types of furniture design. The different components that you choose to pair will not interfere with the piece thereby creating a beautiful fusion that promises to take your home decor to stunning heights.

Boho Chic Furniture Style

Boho Chic or the Bohemian style is for everyone that enjoys cultural influence in their decor and home. Bohemian furniture style although erratic in character however they tend to have a flow in the design on how it is presented. Most commonly Boho style is largely unconventional and tends to use a lot of vintage furniture. The material used varies from wicker, rattan to solid wood furniture with carvings.

The ample amount of the options that are available in the Boho Chic style gives you a wide range of options to mix and match to create something magnificent. It can have a lot of colours to give a vibrant look or can carry a subtle look with vintage furniture. Home Glamour proudly showcases this designer furniture online and this gives you the option of owning this collection with a lot of ease.

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